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The Olsson Pro Stylists guide to washing your hair

Set the correct temperature

Wet the hair before applying Olsson Shampoo. Set the water temperature to warm. It needs to be warm enough to cut through any grease and oil that clings to your hair, but not too hot that it irritates the skin.

Be gentle, your hair is most vulnerable to breakages when it is wet.

Top tip: Detangle hair before showering, brushing from the lengths to the roots.

Wash from roots to tips

Place a small amount into your hand, a tablespoon is perfect for most people. Gently work the shampoo from the roots to the ends. Pay particular attention to the roots where the primary build-up of grease and oil remains. Olsson Shampoo does not create a traditional lather, resist the urge to scrunch the hair or rotate in a circular motion – this can create knots. If your hair is particularly dirty/greasy, repeat this step as desired.

Top tip: To avoid damaging your hair, smooth the hair in the direction of the cuticle (downwards).

Condition and rinse

Olsson Shampoo's (Volume and Normal/Dry) are free from silicones, so if your hair is prone to knoting we recommend applying the Sensitive Conditioner to detangle your locks and provide a healthy shine. Your sensitive scalp will also thank you, for the soothing inclusion of Aloe Vera.

Rinse your hair throroughly, then rinse again with cooler (not cold) water.

Top tip: Deep condition by combing the Conditioner through to the ends and leaving for up to 3 minutes prior to rinsing.

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Should I patch test?

Even if you don’t have allergy-prone sensitive skin, it’s important to patch test any new personal care products so to avoid any reactions.

If your skin is at all sensitive or you live with eczema, psoriasis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, topical steroid withdrawal, or general scalp sensitivity then it’s probably something you're used to.

Discover the Olsson DUO Patch Test, with free delivery included. Discover if our Allergy UK approved haircare is suitable for you. We understand that sensitivity isn't straightforward. Even if you're confident, it's always a good precaution to take when trying new products as sensitivities often through person and formulations.

How to patch test

Use a cotton bud to dab a small amount (no more than pea sized) of the product onto your skin in an innocuous place, for example behind your ear or at the nape of your neck.

Wait 24 to 48 hours before checking for a reaction to either of the products. If irritation occurs, do not use the product.

Duo Patch TestDuo Patch Test

Duo Patch Test


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