Your scapular health

The ingredients that you typically find even in some of the top branded shampoos and skin products today contain chemical compounds which can trigger allergic reactions and even asthma attacks.

You may not even know that you’re allergic to shampoos with scents and fragrances until you start to suffer from unexplained itching.

According to a report released last year, nearly 20% of the general population is sensitive to at least one allergy. Furthermore, studies have revealed that fragrance in shampoos alone is one of the most common causes of scalp irritation. So if you're suddenly itching, try a fragrance-free solution

It is reported that fragrances and additives can breakdown the fatty skin barrier, leading to a higher risk of developing reactions to other potential allergens you might not have been sensitive to before. Its true, fragrance's smell divine - but they might not be right for you in your haircare if you're sensitive.

Reasons to stop using a scented or fragranced shampoo today 

Your scalp’s prolonged exposure to specific fragrances found in shampoos can have consequences. Apart from the usual, everyday symptoms like redness, inflammation and skin irritation, cosmetics with fragrances contain synthetic chemicals which can trigger allergies such as asthma.

We have developed the Olsson sensitive haircare collection to not only help those who have a sensitive scalp but also those who want to maintain good scapular health, in general, all year around. We've reduced the number of common allergens found in hair care to create a formula that is gentle to your hair and scalp - yet cleans effectively. If you're sensitive, you'll know that some saintly formula's struggle to provide the high performance cleanse we all desire. 

Trust our formula to care for your scapular health

Our sensitive haircare collection is 100% fragrance-free, has zero parabens and no colourants. Each product has been meticulously tested by the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association to keep them free of chemicals which might cause allergies - it is also certified by Allergy UK as 'Unlikely to Cause a Reaction'.

Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of allergies we cannot guarantee that our products will not trigger an allergic reaction. Over 3 years we developed a formula that has been commended by leading scientists and allergy associations who have gone on to provide their badge of approval. However, if you are a sensitive soul, we would always encourage you to examine the ingredients that are carefully itemised on each product listing, review our free-from table, discover our Help & FAQ or ask our experts - but most importantly, undertake a patch test 48 hours prior to use.