Salon performance, allergy friendly haircare. UK Allergy certified.

We did it again, we’re pleased to announce that approval from UK allergy experts, Allergy UK continues. Allergy UK is the leading national charity providing support, advice and information for those living with allergies, so they know a thing or two!

Only haircare range approved as ‘unlikely to cause reaction’ and 'may be of benefit'

Categorised as ‘Unlikely to Cause a Reaction’ and ‘May be of Benefit’ our collection continues to be the only haircare range approved by the Charity in the Personal Care category at the time of publishing.
Designed by Danish haircare experts House of Scandinavian Haircare (HOSC), with an ultra-mild formula our range exists to minimise the risk of allergies as well as helping to prevent skin and scalp irritation. Formulated without perfume, preservatives or colourants, this high-performance haircare range is particularly suitable for anyone suffering from allergies, asthma or product sensitivities.

Shampoo and conditioners that are unlikely to cause a reaction

Shampoo Sensitive Normal/Dry Hair and Volume, Conditioner Sensitive, Conditioner Sensitive Spray and Hard Styling Wax are all approved by Allergy UK experts as unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and suitable for allergy sufferers.
Olsson is the first professional allergy aware hair care range to be given an Allergy UK stamp of approval, first held in 2015.
Products cost from £9.95 each and are available here at
Allergy UK - Listed: Unlikely to Cause a Reaction