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Are you here because washing your hair results in severe pain, swelling and irritation or are suffering from TSW?

Topical steroid withdrawal (TSW), although labelled as “low prevalence” (meaning fewer than 1 in 2000 people in the UK suffer from this condition) is a condition that Olsson Scandinavia has been successful in helping to provide relief from the pain, anxiety, stress and discomfort of hair wash day.

Finding products that eliminate or even minimise the worry of discomfort and irritation is an absolute blessing.

Is Olsson Scandinavia the answer to your hair wash day woes - not to mention the tedious and costly journey of haircare trials? Our haircare is recommended by Allergy UK and is not only great for sensitivities such as eczema (and TSW), but is 'salon professional', whilst being mild enough for all the family to use.

"My hands are really rough area for me, even water aggravates them, but this shampoo and conditioner feels so gentle on them."

@eczemamie - Amie suffers from topical steroid withdrawal and documents the highs and lows of her skin journey.

Loved by many who campaign to raise awareness of TSW and fully endorse the pure performance nature of our haircare; it is fragrance free with no unnecessary additives, it leaves hair nourished and full of vitality.

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“will you stop itching it?"

Quite frankly it's not that easy, is it? Having that continuous struggle, knowing what you are about to do is going to cause short term relief but long term damage is extremely frustrating and the anxiety this causes can be overwhelming. We're proud of the relief our haircare brings to many suffering from TSW, atopic dermatitis and eczema who rely on Olsson haircare to provide comfort and reduce irritation that causes the itch cycle to start.

Are you ready to patch test our TSW friendly haircare?

If you're suffering from TSW, eczema or general sensitivity and are here for the soothing benefits of Olsson Scandinavia, rather than the Pure Performance cleanse (although it's a wonderful side effect), then we always recommend a patch test. probably something you're used to, discover the Olsson DUO Patch Test with free delivery included. It also includes a generous 20% off your first order, making it almost cost neutral.

Whilst no brand can make the promise of 'no irritation', we can help you to understand if our haircare is right for you before fully investing in a full 325ml bottle.

Have a question?

Submit your query to us. We're keen to support. Answered directly by the Olsson Haircare team and our network of professional Stylists and Chemists.

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In summary, formulated without perfume, preservatives or colourants, this high-performance haircare range is particularly suitable for anyone suffering from eczema, asthma, topical steroid withdrawal, psoriasis or simply looking for a haircare brand with less, that provides more for your hair.

Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of allergies we cannot guarantee that our products will not trigger an allergic reaction. Over 3 years we developed a formula that has been commended by leading scientists and allergy associations who have gone on to provide their badge of approval. However, if you are a sensitive soul, we would always encourage you to examine the ingredients that are carefully itemised on each product listing, review our free-from table, discover our Help & FAQ or ask our experts - but most importantly, undertake a patch test prior to use.