Haircare for eczema or seborrheic dermatitis sufferers

Seborrheic eczema, also known as seborrheic dermatitis, is a very common skin condition that causes redness, scaly patches, and dandruff and is commonly found to affect the scalp – moreover it’s a nightmare finding haircare that works and doesn’t irritate the condition.  

Resist the itch of scalp irritation with Olsson Scandinavian Haircare

We know we shouldn’t scratch it, but the temptation is very real. The relief you can get from a little itch and scratch. And the excruciating pain that momentary relief can cause, not to mention the flakes that will fall after - wearing dark colours is definitely out of the question.

If you’ve visited your GP it’s likely that they’ve recommended anti-dandruff shampoo. Many of which aren’t suitable for severe cases; and for the severe cases corticosteroid gels or lotions – **sigh**.

Our goal was to develop a haircare collection that is suitable for those suffering with sensitivities, to help reduce the risk of irritation, provide relief from irritated scalps and cleanse with a salon approved formula, leaving hair shiny and full of vitality, not greasy through emollients. After 3 years of development between salon professionals, chemists and allergy and asthma associations we formulated a no compromise, salon performance haircare range for those suffering with sensitivities. Can you imagine our delight?

"...leaving hair shiny and full of vitality, not greasy through emollients.

Can you imagine our delight?"

Gentle shampoo and conditioner

Olsson Scandinavian Haircare is less likely to irritate or trigger allergies, as well as helping to prevent further allergic reactions. It also is great for anyone who wants a high-performance collection that isn't highly scented or crammed with additives, yet still effectively cleanses, conditions and renews hair and scalp without a hint of irritation*.

We understand the link between eczema and emotional wellness

A recent survey by the National Eczema Association revealed that more than 30% of people with atopic dermatitis were diagnosed with depression and/or anxiety.

Eczema can be more than just a skin condition; common side-affects include loss of sleep, stress, worry, anxiety and lack of self-confidence.

When we experience a stressful situation, the body responds by increasing the production of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. But when too much cortisol is produced, it can suppress the immune system and cause an inflammatory response in the skin. People living with atopic dermatitis/eczema are particularly susceptible to this inflammatory response.

Our motivation to help those suffering with allergies and sensitivities isn’t just driven by reducing side effects, it’s driven by helping to reduce the stress indicators by reducing the risk of irritation. This is why our certification with Allergy UK is pinnacle to our promise. As the only haircare brand currently listed we’re delighted to have achieved this.

Eczema friendly haircare, suitable for all the family

We’re frquently asked..."Is it suitable for all of the family?"

Yes, absolutely! One of the key priorities was to create a product that works and is allergy-friendly, making it suitable for mass market as well as allergy sufferers. Since eczema is a common condition for babies and young children, it was vital to ensure its’ suitability for the entire family from babies to teens and adults. Because it is salon approved you can enjoy the benefits of a salon professional cleanse that is free from fragrance, colourants and parabens.

...we can’t promise you won’t want to keep it to yourself though!

Disclaimer: Due to the complex nature of allergies we cannot guarantee that our products will not trigger an allergic reaction. Over 3 years we developed a formula that has been commended by leading scientists and allergy associations who have gone on to provide their badge of approval. However, if you are a sensitive soul, we would always encourage you to examine the ingredients that are carefully itemised on each product listing, review our free-from table, discover our Help & FAQ or ask our experts - but most importantly, undertake a patch test prior to use.