Soft curls for Autumn haircare

Autumn is well underway - as the change of season brings in a new wardrobe full of warmer cosy delights, it's also time to switch up your haircare routine. The cooler autumn weather brings dry, cold air, which can really stress out your locks. If you’ve cared for your hair through the summer, you’ll have less of a worry – but for those who want to know how to tame those tresses and give your hair some TLC for autumn here’s our Olsson haircare ritual.

Visit the salon and get a trim

Our salons professionals recommend that you should get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks. A summer of sun exposure can leave your hair damaged and fried. And, the longer your hair, the more susceptible you are to breakage. Get those split ends removed, which not only makes your hair appear glossier; a regular trim also helps to keep hair looking thick through to the lengths. If you’re feeling brave consider a fresh new style altogether – new season, new you!

Revitalise your summer hair with an extra dose of moisture

Deep conditioning hair masks and leave-in conditioners, like our Sensitive Conditioner Spray, are design to add an extra splash of TLC to tired hair. Our super lightweight conditioning spray is specifically designed to detangle and moisturise hair without weighing it down, leaving hair soft, manageable and easy to comb through after washing. Optimise vitality and shine with bi-weekly deep conditioning treatments to combat static and tangles that come with autumn hats and scarves.

Invest in your styling products and tools

Review your heat-activated tools – they really can wear over time, not to mention removing the build-up of residue from months of styling. Invest in a review of your autumn/winter haircare collection. And before you pick up the blow dryer or curling iron, spritz a touch of protectant on your wet strands to help prevent breakage – it’s vital for optimum hair vitality.

Buy a new shampoo and conditioner

Make sure to use a quality shampoo and conditioner that washes away pollutants from the environment, but does not strip your hair of its natural oils and lipids. Olsson haircare is a salon approved haircare system that is fragrance free, has zero colourants and no parabens providing your hair with a ‘pure performance’ clean – reducing the chances of an allergic reaction or scalp sensitivity. 

Please, give it a rest

Yes, summer styling can really take its toll on your tresses. The standard summer tie-up is great for removing those locks from your neck during the heat, but it can cause breakage and scalp stress. It's even worse if you suffer from a sensitive scalp, so as the weather gets colder, and your hair gets dryer - give it a break. Opt for loose plaits and gentle curls.

Note: At Olsson we provide professional haircare solutions for the sensitive souls in life. We’ve worked hard to develop an advanced haircare collection with carefully selected ingredients; our unique formulations are perfect for the most delicate scalps and those who want to help prevent the risk of asthma and allergies caused by harsh ingredients.

We promise; No Parabens. No Perfume, No Colour - we call this Pure Performance.