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  1. How to give your sensitive scalp a smile

    Alleviate a sensitive scalp

    A sensitive scalp can be caused by so many different factors, and like many scalp sensitivities, tenderness is a fairly common complaint. It is linked with several medical conditions that affect lots of people including tension headaches, migraines and autoimmune disorders like psoriasis can all cause the scalp to become inflamed, irritated, and very sore. So, we’ve penned our top tips that can help aid (and avoid) that sore scalp.

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  2. Could the fragrances in your haircare be causing you irritation?

    Could the fragrances in your haircare be causing you irritation?
    Majority of shampoos sold today include fragrances, designed to delight the senses when in use; from ocean breeze to citrus burst and floral bouquets – the selection is vast. Fragrances that can linger in your tresses for hours post shampoo, but what many don’t realise is that fragrances can often trigger allergies making these products unsuitable for the sensitive souls amongst us.
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  3. Your scapular health matters - gently does it!

    Your scapular health
    The ingredients that you typically find even in some of the top branded shampoos and skin products today contain chemical compounds which can trigger allergic reactions and even asthma attacks.
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  4. Discover the perfect Autumn haircare ritual

    Soft curls for Autumn haircare
    Autumn is well underway - as the change of season brings in a new wardrobe full of warmer cosy delights, it's also time to switch up your haircare routine.
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  5. 5 Easy ways to protect a sensitive scalp in hot weather

    Protecting a sensitive scalp by wearing a hat
    Summers can be very taxing for your scalp, especially if you happen to have a sensitive one. From dryness and itchiness to nagging discomfort and visible dandruff – it’s crucial that you take the right steps to keep that beautiful, sensitive scalp of yours healthy throughout the summer season.
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